Inspired by Brett’s excellent blog I have also decided to try and blog my research, having obtained clearance from both my university and my funding partner. For the next six weeks or so, I will be working on my Master’s thesis, which is about the Royal Aircraft Establishment’s engine department in the interwar years. From early October, all being well, I will start a PhD on Metropolitan-Vickers and the Gas Turbine, c.1935-1960.

My deadline for the Masters is September 7th, but I need to have a final draft done by the last week of August to allow time for proofing and binding, so not very much time at all to write another 18’000 words or so. I hope to use this blog as a space to float rough ideas and to post things for the benefit of my sometimes patchy memory.  As a result, some posts may be more than a little half-baked, and I’m still fiddling about trying to get the hang of WordPress, but bear with me and hopefully there will be some things of interest. My aim is to try and post a couple of times of week, but we’ll see how things go…


3 Responses to “Contact!”

  1. Ross Says:

    Jakob – I have only just spotted this. Looks and sounds very interesting. I wouldn’t mind having a read of you MSc thesis when it is done. Very interesting subjects too. Where are you reading for you degrees? It is surprising the gaps that exist in Air Power History.


  2. Jakob Says:

    Ross: I’m a student at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine at the University of Manchester. If I ever get the darned thing written, I’ll send you a copy!

  3. Ross Says:

    Please do. If you want me to have a read before you submit I am more than happy to give it a fresh set of eyes. I have the time at the moment;)

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