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What I did after my holidays…

January 23, 2010

I’ve been rather neglectful of the blog of late; I had my MSc Graduation just before Christmas, and then promptly came down with a stinking cold. As my literature review (for which I’ve put up an indicative bibliography – to be added to in future) was due in early January, and I had a conference to attend just before the deadline, it made for an interesting few weeks.

I was presenting at the British Society for the History of Science‘s  Postgraduate Conference in Cambridge. It was a very enjoyable experience; there were some very interesting talks on a variety of subjects, and we were very well looked after by the organisers. Although there weren’t many other Cambridge looked very picturesque under 2 inches of snow, which compensated somewhat for the freezing cold. An added surprise was seeing the 20-year-old departmental photos of my supervisor…

My talk was based on the work I did for my MSc, as well as some of the research I’ve done so far for the PhD, and was about the background to the award of the jet engine contract to Metrovick; I’ll put a version up soon when I’ve got my notes together.