I may have been some time…

So this blog has been dormant, if not entirely defunct, for far too long now – almost exactly six months. My absence has not been entirely due to indolence; in the past half-year I’ve finished my first chapter and transfer report, had my transfer viva, and have been to a number of conferences – more details on the interesting bits will be forthcoming in a series of catch-up posts. As well as this academic stuff, there have been a number of other demands on my time. A pleasing one was helping Mrs thrust vector get her PhD thesis finished and submitted, which happened in mid-August. The other exciting but time-consuming event was that she has started a new job, having been appointed to a permanent lectureship. Given the state of the academic job market, this is fantastic news, but there was one small snag – her new employer is University College Falmouth. For various reasons this wasn’t fully confirmed until quite late, so we had to up sticks and move to Cornwall at very short notice; a rather stressful experience, and not one that I would recommend.

Cornwall, on the other hand, is beautiful, and whilst it is rather a change of pace from London or Manchester, the area has gone some way to mollifying even such a committed urban-dweller as myself. The main down-side is that it is rather remote from, well, anywhere, and so I will be becoming even better acquainted with the long-distance rail network than I have been for the past few years…

Anyhow, my next major milestone for the thesis is to produce a draft second chapter by Christmas, which will deal in some more detail with the collaboration between Metrovick and the RAE, and the evolution of the MV work from an experimental turbocompressor to a flight-capable jet engine. In the next couple of posts I hope to explore some of the theoretical and analytical approaches that I’ve been trying out on my material, and how these might be used to illuminate the project.


4 Responses to “I may have been some time…”

  1. Ross Says:

    But Cornwall is very nice. Having lived there for a few years I can tell you that you will enjoy it but pubkic transport and travel outside of the region is a challenge. Congrats to Mrs Thurst Vector!

  2. Tony Keen Says:

    I have a number of friends down in the Falmouth area, though I’ve never been to visit. They’re SF fans as well.

  3. Erik Lund Says:

    +1 on the congrats to Mrs. Thrust Vector, as the kids say.

  4. Jim Rait Says:

    Cornwall is a great place… I have travelled down to lecture there a couple of times… and my grandfather came from Perranporth. Is your MSC thesis available electronically as I would love to read it… also the Metrovick work when it is ready. I had the chance to research them in the 1960’s and one or two of the key people came to visit my boss at RR to discuss engines for a RAeS paper. I think David Smith was one and he left photos etc which I am sure you found in the MOSI archive. We have been discussing MV at

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